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Raised on a farm in Lynden, Washington, Jesse Allen Harris grew up country. He spent his free time hunting, camping, fishing, and learning how to catch and train wild mustangs. During the winters, Jesse would help emergency crews with accidents that occurred on the icy roads near their property. This led him to discover a love for rescue work and he later joined the local fire department to continue serving others. But it was always music that was Jesse’s true passion.

Listening to country music legends such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and George Jones had a profound effect on Jesse. Already a very talented musician, Jesse learned every instrument he could get his hands on, including guitar, bass, drums, saxophone and church organ. Today, he is largely influenced by the styles of Jason Aldean and Randy Houser. Jesse loves to perform and brings an infectious energy and magnetism to the stage. He recently released his first single, “Vegas Baby”.